Confessing a sin is the beginning of redemption. -John Perkins

Many among us walk around with a heavy load of guilt and regret on their shoulders. The internal compass of our conscience is constantly making us aware of all that we may have done that does not fit our values and our ideals. As humans we make mistakes. That is just the way we learn. And making these mistakes often carries with it great pain and remorse that we feel in our hearts. 


What we may not know fully or believe fully is that we are divine children and every action of ours is loved and is forgiven. What we are beating ourselves about, in the big scheme of things, might not even be a huge deal. So why live a life of burdensome pain and dilemma, hiding from all the glory that lies undiscovered? Let us all take this step and confess to ourselves or to a loved one, what we think is a "sin". Let us write it all down on a piece of paper and then let it burn in a flame that brings forgiveness. Let go of the immense pain in your heart and know that you are loved. Know that you can take steps now to redeem yourself. All you need to do is to forgive yourself. There is immense beauty and love for you.


Much love and vast blue skies for you.


-Sophia Ojha