Circle of Love

Water gushing through the woods, meandering its way into a cascading waterfall! This is the image of the Cullasaja Falls that I had the privilege of experiencing today. The majesty and splendor of the water is forever embedded in my consciousness.

To me it represents the abundance that exists. The sounds of the waterfall envelope you in such complete ways that there is no room for thought, all noise is dissolved and absorbed. Each drop of water seems destined to make it all the way here from the mountain top; emerging from nooks and crannies and cracks and holes in the rock walls; forming creeks and streams; and then finally dropping down in complete surrender down the cliff. And in the next moment, the aftereffect of the descent, is a beautiful flow of water gurgling as it meets rocks and glistening with sunshine.


An encounter of this kind drowns the intensity of time, leaving only the present moment. The moment that is all-encompassing, filled with all and everything. It smoothes into and within every cell of our being, with an affect that is healing and cleansing. This moment connects us to that which is omniscient, relieving us from the mundanity of human civilization that is disconnected from nature's cycle, at least for that very instant of rapture.

This to me is the Circle of Love. Enveloped in its warmth and wonder, I invite you to find or revisit your version of the Circle of Love.