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What is Inner-strength and how do we cultivate it?

What is Inner-strength and how do we cultivate it?

Resilience, perseverance and tenacity - what all these words have in common is that they give me a sense of deep inner-strength. It’s the power one has to deal with difficult situations... It’s the perceived strength one must have to overcome life’s challenges. We sure do need that inner-strength in today's modern life, don't we? 

Why we need to think of expectations differently

Why we need to think of expectations differently

I grew up around the notion of "expectation". Expectation followed me around no matter where I went and what I did. I was expected to do good in school. Cross that. I was expected to do great in school. I was expected to excel at work and career. I was expected to be a good, kind person. I was expected to be contributing member of society...

5 Life lessons that bring peace of mind

In recent months, I've had many realizations after going through periods of doubt, sadness, frustration and impatience - mostly around work. But only last week have I begun writing things down as part of my daily journaling practice.

The results of this daily writing have been incredible. Not only have I begun feeling greater ease within myself, I am also finding clarity about larger life principles that feed into that sense of ease and inner-peace. And I'd like to share these with you so that you too can benefit from contemplating these ideas and insights. Hopefully, they bring you inner-peace and a calm mind as a result.

Happiness Begins Now By Doing What You Love

Listen up. Today you are on assignment. Think of three things that make you happy. Go do that.

Now, this instruction sounds simple and easy, and in essence it is. But because some of us are so disconnected with our true selves, we find it difficult to follow this very simple instruction. Another reason is that we think ‘the thing’ that makes me happy has to be big, huge. That it is connected to our career or some grand, artistic self-expression. No. It can be as simple as making a cup of tea and sitting in a hammock. Or going for a stroll in the park or the woods. Or playing with dogs or cats or any pets. If this is what makes you happy, go do it. Some other hurdles are: the thoughts that say, “I need to be productive. I need to do something to be useful. I need to do all those projects, first.” These thoughts keep you away from your true joy. Your true happiness. And you postpone and you postpone and it never happens. Of course, your inner-child continues to be deprived. And eventually, if affects your life in ways that will finally snap you into doing what makes you happy.

Gratitude Leads to Spiritual Compassion

Gratitude. Gratitude is a disguise. It is you showing the Universe that you recognize the beauty, the oneness of it all. You show gratitude to your friends, your family, you show gratitude to the Universe. The flow of life is much much more expansive than a single life-form, yet without each life-form it is far from whole. Each one is a vital, essential part; the Universe works through each with similar compassion.

Yes, the Universe is compassionate. Not in the human sense. In a spiritual sense. Spiritual compassion is about un-conditionality in the absolute sense. Spiritual compassion is not just for living things but also for everything else that exists. For processes and for principles and for characteristics. It is boundless. It sees through illusion.

Heal Others By Asking For Forgiveness

Just on the flip side of forgiving others is asking for forgiveness.

And this is how you heal our world - ask for forgiveness. Admit that your words and actions may have caused others pain. And then ask them to forgive you. This applies to both your conscious and unconscious actions or words. Even actions or words not spoken can cause hurt. And you can heal that. You do that by saying, “I am sorry for my words and actions that hurt you. I am really sorry that I hurt you. Please forgive me.”

This is the trigger for peace in the other. They may or may not understand it. They may or may not be prepared to forgive. But now, they have been offered a chance to heal something they might not be able to do easily without your help. So, make that effort. Take that step. Help heal the hurt you may have caused someone consciously or unconsciously. Ask for forgiveness.

Thank you.


Forgiveness Creates Peace In Our World

Forgiveness. Forgiveness is a powerful way to peace. You may have heard it said that forgiveness is something we ‘do’ for ourselves and it has nothing to do with others. It is partly true. Yes, when we forgive someone, we feel the burden lift from us. The pain, hurt and anguish release their grip on us and we feel as if we are set free. We feel light. A sense of peace descends upon us. Or put another way, we ascend into a state of peace.

There is another element to forgiveness. The one who you forgive, feels it too. Yes, they feel the peace. Think of someone you asked for forgiveness and they truly forgave you. And you knew they had forgiven you because you felt it energetically. You felt light, loved and accepted by them. Can you recall such a moment? A moment when you felt a sense of peace when the other forgave you.

So, by practicing forgiveness, we are actually creating peace in the lives of others and in our world. This is one powerful way of creating peace. And it also applies to forgiving those who have already passed away. The past, present and future exist simultaneously and so when you forgive those who have crossed the rainbow bridge to the spirit world, they too shall find peace.

Forgiveness is a spiritual muscle which you can build with practice and in this way, contribute to peace and love in your life and on our planet as a result.
Thank you.

Stillness Brings You Infinite Love

Be Still. To negotiate the turbulent waters, be still. Let it all flow over you. Let it all tumble through you. Become the witness. See it happen and then see it dissolve. Tides upon tides flow and embrace you. Slowly grace surrounds you, envelopes you with infinite love. Love that is so glorious, you merge with it, losing sense of self, of time, of space. All becomes one. All is one and you glimpse that in a deep way. The Universe is a friendly place. It all happens for good.

Thank you.

Be The Love You Wave On

Let us talk about relationships. Relationships with people are really just reflections of yourself. How you treat yourself, is how you treat others. And any deep friendship is build on an acceptance and on freedom. Freedom of being, freedom of doing. Judgment, expectations and resentment foil and destroy any deep friendship that emerges.

How you feel about others is how you feel about some aspect of yourself. Unearth that. Find it. Let go of it. And then bring in love. You can create love. It is within you. You can tap into it and let it flow out into your life.

Just let all that you do not need fall away. Let love be the wave you ride on. Be the wave of love. Be the love you wave on.

Thank you.

You Can Make Heart-Centered Choices

There is much I have to say. The things that matter most are not things. It’s vibration. Staying in a light-hearted disposition, in a cheerful mode, does more than create pleasant company. It creates a sphere of creativity, self-expression and joy. It is an enabling mode; it is a receptive mode. For love and harmony to flow and to create waves of joyful peace, restrictions need to be loosened. An attitude of ‘yes’ is beneficial and helpful.

The sphere has many dimensions and many offshoots. It teems with life and vitality. The journey is really a sequence of now-ness - a consequential pattern emerging in the moment. So really, when they say that you have choice in every moment, it is absolutely the truth. That’s also because you are not connected with past and future the way you are connected with the present. The beauty of choice is that it follows conscious awareness. Before you are aware, your actions are unconscious actions not choice in the true sense of the word. When you make a choice, it means you already have an awareness. You have realized some truth about yourself. From the awareness and realizations, you gain a level of understanding that is both mental and emotional. This makes an action stem from that inner-alignment. The alignment of the heart, mind and spirit. And now, when you are aligned, you can take actions that reflect choice in the true sense of the word.

This is the process - the process of making heart-centered choices.

Thank you.

You Can Be Detached

Just know that the web of life is intricate but simple. To understand it all, you just need to quiet yourself, sit in stillness. All shall be revealed to you. You are as much a part of mystery as the rest of it. Seeds of love and compassion are already within you and you know how to grow them. You know how to water them. Forgiveness. Letting go. Being detached from what happens, lightens your heart. Being unaffected by what is frees your spirit. Letting others off the hook allows you to keep your energy, your focus on yourself, on your part of the equation. It frees up energy for your creative expression; for your experience of joy. And the more you do it, the easier it gets. It becomes a way of being - a way of life. It becomes a way of receiving that which you experience and it becomes a way of how you act in the situation that you are in.

Compassion, forgiveness, detachment, are key to your functioning in a healthy manner. Let us say, you are new at being detached. No worries. When you find yourself engaged in a situation where you are taking things personally, just make note of it. Identify it as what it is: “I am taking it personally. Ah, I want to practice detachment but here I find myself taking it personally. I am aware. I can see that I am not out of its power on me. And I can see that any emotional distress I am experiencing is because of my own thoughts and because of my own process of moving from taking things personally to being detached.”

That awareness, right there, will rescue you. The next time you are in it, you will bring more and more awareness and zoom, you find that things don’t bother you that much; you have greater understanding of yourself, of others and of the situation; and you are able to respond and act with more compassion and greater effectiveness.

Thank you.

You Can Receive Direct Guidance

Write. Write. Write it down. Whatever you feel, write it down. This is your channel of release. You cleanse and let go when you write. It is such a secret but it’s got to be shared. You do not need perfect language skills. Just write down all, whatever seems to be bothering you. In this way, you energetically let it out of your system.

Daily Writing. Writing for guidance has a simple formula. You start writing, “I love you, ...” and then your name. For example, “I love you, Sophia.” Keep repeating this line, line after line, page after page, until you hear a subtle voice. A small transparent voice - a thought. It is an energy field that you tap into. And then jot down whatever you are dictated to write down. You can ask this voice to slow down or pause or to speed up. The voice will respond. You can also ask questions. And the voice will sound like your own voice. This is simply to make things easy for you. It will answer all your questions.

It is magical. It is indeed a way to access truth, knowledge and inner wisdom from the Source. And it gets easier and easier as you do it. It becomes so easy that you can eventually drop the formula I mentioned earlier. And just start writing or just start speaking. It is that powerful and that accessible.

So use this exercise daily - to build your muscle. For 20 minutes.

And remember to thank this voice. At the end of the session say - Thank you.

Thank you.

You Are Being Helped

You are loved. All is well. Be at peace about all that is happening. It is to free you of many things and you will see many new and amazing ways of being. You are to be successful in many ways. Just listen to your instincts. Just listen to your voice within. You are doing great. Be assured that the best, most fulfilling life experiences are coming your way. You are constantly being watched and listened to. You are being helped. You are being assisted.

Just know, trust and have tremendous faith, unrelenting faith and expect only the very best. Expect only the very very best. You are to keep the faith. Do your best. Be unaffected by seeming challenges or things that are not going the way you planned. There is divine blessing in every moment, in every situation and in every experience, in every person you meet and encounter. You are to be sure that the best outcome is being delivered. You are being guided. Listen and act in inspired ways.

Thank you.