Asking and receiving

This week, I invite you all to ask questions.

The right kind of questions.

For any situation you are facing, learning to ask the right kind of questions can make a big difference for you. If something is not working, rather than asking why is this not working, ask: "How can I help this to work?". If you are in pain, rather than asking, "Why am I in pain?", ask, "How can I help myself heal?"

Somemay say, that it is important to know why something is not working in order to resolve it. I do not agree. By asking ourselves and the Universe, how we can help ourselves resolve a situation, we may get insights and help that may also shed light on the 'whys', but most importantly, we will focus on the resolution.

So, ask your guides and the helping spirits for guidance. Ask them to give you hints and clues and answers. And then just trust that the answers are flowing to you instantly. The more we quiet our minds, the more we will hear the answers.

We are constantly being guided to the unfolding of our highest self. Ask the questions, quiet the mind and listen-in to the magical vibrations of inner guidance.