An Evening for My Spiritual Renewal Starting Wednesday August 22nd

This event is presented by Reflection Pond, Center for Meditation and Healing, Asheville, North Carolina.

Please reserve your spot by email:
Sliding scale $8 to $22. Contribute what you can.
Wednesday August 22nd. 7:30pm- 9pm (Start arriving at 7:15 as we will begin at 7:30pm)

Location: The Pond Center, 600 Landis Ct, Apt # 304 Asheville, NC 28806

About the Event:

Come and give yourself an evening of relaxation and spiritual renewal. We will be setting intentions for the week, sharing gratitude and journeying into your sacred garden.

Sophia will guide you through a visual journey into your sacred garden, a place of meaning to you, where you can reconnect with your higher self, meet a loved one, ask for help from a spirit/animal guide and visualize your dream.

During the class one of the participants will be invited to receive Reiki Energy healing in the meditative space created by all. If you like to receive Reiki, write it in the RSVP email.
The session starts at 7:30pm. Doors open at 7:15 pm. Come at least 5 minutes before 7:30pm. Bring a pillow and light blanket along with water/tea.

Connect with me at 828.398.4701 or email at

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Sophia Ojha Ensslin is a Reiki Master and Visualization Guide. She guides meditation for individuals and groups using guided imagery and visualization and breathing techniques to help people calm the thoughts and connect with their deeper self. A Reiki practitioner of the Usui tradition, Sophia conducts energy healing sessions for individuals as well as companion animals, dogs and cats.

Sophia has produced a guided meditation CD in 2011 called Visual Journey Meditations and has guided over 100 group meditations last year. In 2012, her first book, "22 Visual Journey Meditations" is going to be published. She also collaborates with here husband Cristof Ensslin, who is a cellist, in creating meditation videos with multi-track cello music. Learn more at