A Mighty Flame follows a Tiny Spark. -Dante

There are areas in our lives that we all want to change or enhance. Often the desire is to make sweeping radical changes. For instance, if someone wants to loose weight they may go on an extreme diet. What I have come to realize lately is that often it is the small, tiny changes that go a long way. By changing one element of our life, no matter how small it may seem, we end up with massive alterations, especially when done with consistency. 

This is so true, I have found, in the case of how we look at things. When we tweak, ever so slightly, how we look at things, it can help us to live an even richer and harmonious life and can turn problems into life-enriching experiences. These are some of the ways we can turn things around:

-When there is a problem you encounter, see it as an opportunity for growth. This is the chance to practice your faith in yourself and in the knowing that life will not present to you anything that you cannot overcome.

-When there is any delay, in a traffic jam or waiting in a line, or anything else, think of it as a chance to practice your mindfulness. Noticing the moment, noticing the breath, or observing the people or the environment around you.

-When faced with something that angers you, see it as an invitation from life to release your anger and to let go of such emotions.

-When you become aware of something that you want to change within yourself, a habit for example, you can take that chance to feel grateful that you have the capacity to change yourself and to design a life you want. It is also an invitation for you to love and accept where you are in the journey and enjoy every moment of the journey you are on.

A mighty flame follows a tiny spark, says Dante. Let us take inspiration from that saying and each day feed the spark within us, so that we may become the flame that can show the way to others on the path.