21 Positive Things I Noticed Today

Here is a practice that will change your vibration by the time you finish it and it takes only a few minutes. All you do, is to think about your life, your environment, your world and notice any positive aspects that you can. You can begin with something like "the sun rises every day", or "I am alive" to get you started. There are no restrictions on which positive aspects you notice. So here is what came for me:

Today, I notice the following 21 aspects of life:

1. There is blue sky and sunshine today for all to enjoy.
2. A cat came to visit us. She is full of good energy and love.
3. I was served absolutely delicious home-made food made with love.
4. I am full of good mood, health and joy.
5. There are millions of beautiful flowers on our planet.
6. The sky is vast and beautiful.
7. The sun rises every day.
8. My body is in complete harmony.
9. My mind and spirit are healthy and dynamic.
10. Internet exists.
11. I love skype for making communicating with people fun and easy.
12. I feel centered and at ease
13. There is abundance and harmony in this world.
14. I woke up today with a smile.
15. There are so many fun things to do.
16. The mountain view is a blessing.
17. My home is warm and loving.
18. My loved ones are close to me.
19. My mom is loving and sweet and she just called me.
20. People love and adore me.
21. The right teachers show up right on time for me.

Thank you. Wow, this feels good. I am happy.