Gratitude Leads to Spiritual Compassion

Gratitude. Gratitude is a disguise. It is you showing the Universe that you recognize the beauty, the oneness of it all. You show gratitude to your friends, your family, you show gratitude to the Universe. The flow of life is much much more expansive than a single life-form, yet without each life-form it is far from whole. Each one is a vital, essential part; the Universe works through each with similar compassion.

Yes, the Universe is compassionate. Not in the human sense. In a spiritual sense. Spiritual compassion is about un-conditionality in the absolute sense. Spiritual compassion is not just for living things but also for everything else that exists. For processes and for principles and for characteristics. It is boundless. It sees through illusion.

And in a way, we all have the capacity to tap into that kind of spiritual compassion. We can enable ourselves, through practice, to let that flow through us. It develops and grows gradually for us. When we contemplate on spiritual compassion, the rational, conceptual elements seep through us and eventually, we get beyond those layers, through to the essence - the essence of spiritual compassion reveals itself to you. It blends and merges with you. You ‘get it’ on a deeper level, on an emotional, vibrational, spiritual level. It then begins to emerge in you as waves. Waves that are like sound, like water. And the ripples made in this water reach the far corners of all that exist and all that is beyond existences. It is sensory yet without sensations and it embodies the paradox. Seemingly conflicting things co-exist within it. It is symbolic of how life is.

And all of this is available for human beings to experience and comprehend on a deep level, in a deep way.

Thank you.