You Can Make Heart-Centered Choices

There is much I have to say. The things that matter most are not things. It’s vibration. Staying in a light-hearted disposition, in a cheerful mode, does more than create pleasant company. It creates a sphere of creativity, self-expression and joy. It is an enabling mode; it is a receptive mode. For love and harmony to flow and to create waves of joyful peace, restrictions need to be loosened. An attitude of ‘yes’ is beneficial and helpful.

The sphere has many dimensions and many offshoots. It teems with life and vitality. The journey is really a sequence of now-ness - a consequential pattern emerging in the moment. So really, when they say that you have choice in every moment, it is absolutely the truth. That’s also because you are not connected with past and future the way you are connected with the present. The beauty of choice is that it follows conscious awareness. Before you are aware, your actions are unconscious actions not choice in the true sense of the word. When you make a choice, it means you already have an awareness. You have realized some truth about yourself. From the awareness and realizations, you gain a level of understanding that is both mental and emotional. This makes an action stem from that inner-alignment. The alignment of the heart, mind and spirit. And now, when you are aligned, you can take actions that reflect choice in the true sense of the word.

This is the process - the process of making heart-centered choices.

Thank you.