LIVE EVENT: An Evening for Spiritual Renewal

This Sunday May 25th 8PM EDT!

Dear Friends,

I am just writing to remind you of the Live meditation show I am hosting from my home this Sunday, in case you haven't already checked it out.

What I do is not something I learned in school or at university. What I do comes naturally, intuitively; and I am grateful that it does. I believe that if you are needing a new way to be, if you are wanting to create magical breakthroughs, if you are just wanting to find a way to have a sense of ease and relief from pain- physical or emotional, you will be able to do that during Sunday's live event.

Meditation and mindfulness practices are known for training the mind - to bring focus. And guided visualization or guided imagery is a bridge to that stillness. During this event, you will hear me guide you through a visual journey. In a visual journey you visualize with all your senses not just visually. You use your sense of smell, you may feel texture such as sand under your feet, or simply feel a pleasant presence of a kind spirit.

And it is a journey beyond time and space. We may begin on the banks of the Amazon river, or dive deep into the Pacific Ocean or fly into space in order to get to our unique sacred/secret garden. This is a place in the invisible realms that some traditions refer to as the place where we go after physical death. It is a garden of possibilities from where, I believe, our spirit guides and our own inner self derives life force and wisdom from. It is here that we can get help to design and to summon a life we want. This is core of it where the visualization becomes a practical tool to help us in our waking life.

For many of us entrenched in the left-brain world, all of what I am saying may sound too far-fetched. I myself was stunned when I felt the presence of a giant cobra in one of my guided visualizations. Was it real? Was I dreaming? Thankfully, in the Indian culture which surrounded me as I was growing up, the cobra is known as a protective symbol and so instead of being freaked-out by a humongous serpent, I felt greatly relieved. None of what happens in a visualization is something I can prove to you; some faith on your part or at least curiosity is necessary. A beginner's mind is all you need to open up especially, if you find the prospect of visualization perplexing. Take a bold step and step into this world that is waiting for you to discover. It is uniquely yours and yours only. Each one of us has his/her own magic kingdoms to commune with.

This is what's in store for you, if you allow yourself to give it a try. So I invite you to join me this Sunday May 25th 8pm EDT for An Evening for Spiritual Renewal.

Be rest assured, there is nothing religious about this whole thing. I stay away from any institutionalized form of religions; instead I mine the deep treasures that come to us from all of our world heritage of wisdom teachings; seemingly, all sharing the common message of peace and love in their own ways.

Get Your Tix Here.  It is a pay-what-want model so you decide what this experience is worth to you. It is about time.

Gather your friends spontaneously or give your loved one a surprise. This is a very cool surprise to give someone or to oneself, by the way, if I may say so myself.

I shall be there online for an amazing evening Live from my living room. Will you be there?

May you be surrounded by and infused with the light of love,