Live Meditation Show From North Carolina Mountains

When I began visualizations four years ago, I was living in the German city of Cologne and asked myself where I want to move. In my visualization, I saw mountains covered with lush greenery. Fast forward a few years, my husband and I are now living in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina covered with green, flowing trees.

This is just one example of how visualizations have helped me in designing my life. Now I am inviting you to join in.

New week, I will be doing a live meditation show on Concert on May 25th at 8pm EDT. You can join in from anywhere in the world. It will be about an hour long during which I will guide you through a visualization journey. Then I will answer questions and you get to share your experience. You can purchase tickets now online and you will receive a reminder before the event.

This will be something new and fun and I hope you will join in. I will be streaming live from my living-room with candles and some incense and will happily guide you into a magical world where you can meet your spirit guides and start of your week with a calm and happy heart.

Thank you for believing in me and helping me follow my heart - one of the best way I have found to serve the world.

Peace and blessings,