Happiness Begins Now By Doing What You Love

Listen up. Today you are on assignment. Think of three things that make you happy. Go do that.

Now, this instruction sounds simple and easy, and in essence it is. But because some of us are so disconnected with our true selves, we find it difficult to follow this very simple instruction. Another reason is that we think ‘the thing’ that makes me happy has to be big, huge. That it is connected to our career or some grand, artistic self-expression. No. It can be as simple as making a cup of tea and sitting in a hammock. Or going for a stroll in the park or the woods. Or playing with dogs or cats or any pets. If this is what makes you happy, go do it. Some other hurdles are: the thoughts that say, “I need to be productive. I need to do something to be useful. I need to do all those projects, first.” These thoughts keep you away from your true joy. Your true happiness. And you postpone and you postpone and it never happens. Of course, your inner-child continues to be deprived. And eventually, if affects your life in ways that will finally snap you into doing what makes you happy.

Also, the idea that happiness comes from doing things you love, being the way you like to be, is unfamiliar to some. The thought says, “I will be happy when I acquire stuff, or when I achieve this or that, or when I find my life-partner, or when I look or feel a certain way physically.” All that’s common among these thoughts is: happiness is postponed to some future time.

How about pulling those happiness strings back, rolling them back into the present. What if we began with the premise: “I am happy, right now.” Thoughts of gratitude help a great deal too. So now, the underlying vibration is: “I am happy.” Put a smile on your face and begin to deeply appreciate the gift that life is. It may be challenging to do this or it may be easy. But if it is challenging, then help yourself by doing it during “low-stress” times. This is your training period. The more training you get in during this time, the better your “performance” when the situation is more challenging. Then comes your test period. You are now to practice what you’ve been training for.

Help yourself to be happy by repeating, “I am grateful for my life. I am happy.” Begin to notice how you feel and when you feel happy. Note it down. And actively repeat those actions and situations that fill you up with joy. Gravitate towards that which you enjoy.
And then the assignment stated at the start of this chapter will be natural, simple and easy to follow. And if you already can do at least one thing that makes you happy, go do it now.

Thank you.