You Can Receive Direct Guidance

Write. Write. Write it down. Whatever you feel, write it down. This is your channel of release. You cleanse and let go when you write. It is such a secret but it’s got to be shared. You do not need perfect language skills. Just write down all, whatever seems to be bothering you. In this way, you energetically let it out of your system.

Daily Writing. Writing for guidance has a simple formula. You start writing, “I love you, ...” and then your name. For example, “I love you, Sophia.” Keep repeating this line, line after line, page after page, until you hear a subtle voice. A small transparent voice - a thought. It is an energy field that you tap into. And then jot down whatever you are dictated to write down. You can ask this voice to slow down or pause or to speed up. The voice will respond. You can also ask questions. And the voice will sound like your own voice. This is simply to make things easy for you. It will answer all your questions.

It is magical. It is indeed a way to access truth, knowledge and inner wisdom from the Source. And it gets easier and easier as you do it. It becomes so easy that you can eventually drop the formula I mentioned earlier. And just start writing or just start speaking. It is that powerful and that accessible.

So use this exercise daily - to build your muscle. For 20 minutes.

And remember to thank this voice. At the end of the session say - Thank you.

Thank you.