With Patience Wisdom Emerges

Above you see a photo of me taken in one of my preferred places to write. I sit in the hammock on the front porch with a notebook and a pen and allow inspiration to guide me. From such a writing session, I would like to share with you a piece from a series, I call, Messages from Spirit. This one is titled, With Patience Wisdom Emerges:

With Patience Wisdom Emerges

The way things unfold in life have divine logic. The rolling of the seasons, changing path of the clouds, the way the sun shines is divinely orchestrated. The beauty of it all is in the knowing that you, too, are part of this universal plan. You, too, are intricately intertwined with the web of life, the magic of it all. So if at times you feel that you do not understand your part, you don’t ‘get it’, know that that is also part of the divine structure. Your not knowing, not getting it is only a part of your journey in which you are revealed what your part is.

So, practice patience with yourself and your stage in life. The knowledge that you want, the inner-wisdom that you are seeking is all within you. And as you accept yourself, it becomes clearer. And as you let go of facades that cover you, it becomes clearer.

Eventually, it reaches a point when you, your inner-self and wisdom are inseparable. You are unified, you are ‘at one’ with yourself and the world. These are the potentialities that exist for you. Knowing this, you can help yourself be more patient with yourself and the stage you are in.

All becomes clear to you. All that you need on your journey is provided for you. Become still and practice patience. This patience oozes from the understanding of the big picture and from the faith that all is exactly how it is meant to be and that all is well.

Thank You.

Spring Flowers and Smiles for You,