Goodbye Fat Talk. Welcome Divine Being. How to Speak Well of Ourselves.

A very happy new year to you! I thank you for being part of Reflection Pond in 2013 and for your kindness and generosity. In December 2013, I mentioned a series of videos that I was preparing for you. As we begin our beautiful adventure in 2014, I am happy to present to you the first video. It is designed specifically for the women reading this, but it is useful to all the men who have wonderful women in their lives, be it wives, friends, daughters, cousins, colleagues and just women in our society. Know that what this video talks about has affected and is affecting women and is for helping women think kindly of themselves. As a man, if you can help by genuinely appreciating the beauty and intellect and grace of the women in your lives, you will be making a big huge difference in our world.

So do please watch this short video and please tell me what you think.

With love and respect,