Share What You Have

I am humbled by the response to last week's blog post about simple awareness for embracing ourselves. Thank you for taking a moment to write me your personal reflection on that thought.

This week, we continue the theme of acceptance by extending it to sharing wholeheartedly the gifts of your heart and simply Share What You Have. We must begin now. We must begin where we are and with what we have. This means, no more waiting for the right mood, the perfect husband/wife, the x amount of dollars, or waiting when this is done and that is done. Say yes to now. Embrace where you are, who you are, what you got and begin sharing. I will keep the blog short and let you watch the video.

Please let me know which part of this message resonates with you. Do you have any uplifting thoughts on this? Please write me an email or do it publicly by commenting on the blog post. Thank You.

With Gratitude, Hugs and Blessings,


Sophia Ojha Ensslin is the founder of Reflection Pond, Center for Meditation and Healing dedicated to helping people connect with their inner-self to live a fulfilling, joyful life using introspective media including music, films and books, e-courses and training workshops.