How To Use Simple Awareness To Embrace Who You Are

Last week's newsletter contained a video about remembering that we are beautiful and awesome and therefore, we can bring awareness to how we talk about ourselves to ourselves in our mind. In this way, we can learn to be kind in our thoughts towards ourselves as a starting point of being kind to others.

This week, I want to remind you to be yourself. I am learning that more and more myself. The YOU that is inside of your body, is vast and limitless. It is filled with infinite potential. You have within you the power to change yourself, to uplift others and to do good in this world. And you have been doing this all along. Remember that within you resides divinity. There are unlimited number of reasons to love and embrace yourself - and to respect who you are. It has to begin with you respecting yourself, loving yourself. And not just the nice parts of you but ALL of who you are, even the part that is judging a part of you as 'not nice'!

Without realizing it at times, we apologize for being who we are. There is no need to apologize for being you. Yes, we can apologize for causing hurt and pain with our thoughts, words and actions. We can apologize for neglecting a certain aspect in our relationship with another being. We can take responsibility for being unaware or insensitive or just too caught up in our own thing to have had the energy or sensibility to help another.

Yet, you do not have to apologize for being who you are. You are a beautiful gem on this planet, an angel helping and blessing everyone with you sheer presence. There is no one on this planet just like you. No one. And there never was and there never will be. You are a gift.

Begin to embrace that thought more. So that you can begin to love and respect yourself more deeply. So that you can begin to be kinder to yourself. This, you need to do, for all of us.

Allow your true, quirky self to emerge. Let no one make you feel small or insignificant. Because each one of us makes a difference with each thought, each word spoken and every action taken. If no one laughs at your jokes, you laugh. If no one admires your art, you admire it. If no one shares your thoughts, that's fine. Just let go of judging yourself. How? Simply notice when you do judge yourself. Or when you judge others, know that it is only because you are judging yourself in some way. It is not complicated. It is simple. Just become aware.

Where there is awareness, you shed light. And with light, you brighten up all that is. By becoming aware - simply becoming aware -  amazing things happen. You see reality in a new way. You are no longer in a mist, in a fog. You enter a new kind of clarity - clarity about how things are. And with this clarity, it becomes easier to be kinder. It is easier to embrace things as they are. It is easier then also to be patient and accepting of life. You are no longer fighting with life. You are no longer resisting. You are letting things be. And then you are feeling lighter, at ease, relaxed and joyful. You open up to allow joy to blossom within you. You love yourself. You love life. And your love is now felt by others.

This is what I am learning to do each day. And I invite you to do that too. This is one way we can bring peace in our world. Let us be at peace with ourselves. Be kind and loving and respectful to yourself, beginning with simple awareness of how you think of your own self.

With Love and Blessings,

PS: There is a new short video called: How to Be Confident When Meeting The Parents, for all of you who are anticipating meeting the parents of your beloved for the first time (or at anytime) and are wanting to be a bit more confident. Enjoy!