Storm's of Life's Blessings by Kim Smith

When the rain pours down from the never ending sky
Do not wish for it to subside, be thankful for it could be the last time
When the bitter cold hits your face so hard you think it may break, remember Gods loving arms and you will no longer shake
When the pain hurts so bad you wish you would die, seek the wisdom to go beyond it and there you will touch the sky.

When loneliness threatens to swallow you whole, remember those you have touched so far, for they hold onto that memory when they are lonely too!

When chaos clouds your mind and the hustle and bustle of life gets you overwhelmed get upon your knees and thank God for that quiet place some do not have.

Our journeys are as many as we are open too- ohh the colors to describe them are like words to be said, profound and many...
Dark and bright just as the storms and blessings of life!

"He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge"- Psalm 91:4


"I strive to be a very humble and loving person. I love music and the way Jesus works through me to help others." - Kim Smith, Leicester, North Carolina