One Day by Asmita Barua

One day-
I'll come to you- invisibly...
When you lay asleep at night
to stroke your hair and kiss your eyes
while singing you a lullaby.

One day-
I'll enter your sweet dreams...
on a moonlit night
to feel your presence
your heart and your soul
and sing you a sweet love song.

One day-
I'll come to you silently...
when the stars seek shelter in the night sky
and whisper to you as you lay
the sweet words of love,
that I long to say.

- Asmita Barua, New York, New York.


Hello my name is Asmita. I'm just another soul sharing this beautiful place called earth, with you all. I feel blessed and grateful to be living where I am and feel fortunate that I'm sharing a tiny piece of my life with you all! A simple desire to pursue my goals, took me from Japan to Hawaii, then to California and eventually to New York, a place I now call home. Throughout my journey, life has bestowed on me with ample lessons.  Life is a beautiful journey and I treasure every moment of it. :) - Asmita Barua, New York, USA