Blue Skies

Blue skies running rampant above me

notions of ease, flight and lightness

emerging as new desires within me.

With anticipation that of a new born

I venture out on new paths

trusting that my spirit has the key

to unlock, crack open and dismantle

the facades that I wear.

Living and breathing

seem easy when

living on purpose is

my dream.

Lending an ear or a helping hand

to those around and beyond me

fill me with fulfillment and joy.

The splendour of glorious nature

astounds my soul

hummingbirds, sunshine, mountains

and more.


Knowing that I am on the path

I navigate through the day.

Knowing that impatience

and mind-chatter

are some of the potholes on my way,

along with doubt and inaction

that steal from my soul.


Yet, I am ready to step up,

step in and dive into the

abundant potentiality and possibilities.

I am ready to become a vehicle for the

universal force to flow through me.

I am ready to shed all that I have outgrown

like a snake shedding its skin,

like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon,

like a flower blossoming from a seed.

I am ready. I am ready. I am ready now.

-Sophia Ojha Ensslin September 19th, 2010