BELIEVE by Titus Yoder

                                                    Who will believe for those who cannot

                                                    Who will see life in death

                                                    Who will embrace death to see life

                                                     Who will be pierced and not cry out

                                                     Who will cry out to be pierced

                                                     Who will bleed golden oil

                                                     Who will speak for those who cannot

                                                     Who will listen for those who cannot speak

                                                     Who dares stand next to the seven lamps

                                                     Who sees with the seven eyes of God

                                                     Who will burn and not be consumed

                                                     Who will lay dead in the street for all to see

                                                     Who is ready for their testimony

                                                     Who will war out of weakness

                                                     Who lifts up the hands hanging down

                                                     Who is willing to bury sacredness in the ground

                                                     Who has discovered that the sacred is covered in dirt

                                                     Who will laugh when everyone is crying

                                                     Who will cry when everyone is laughing

                                                     Who can witness and not speak

                                                     Who can speak without witnessing

                                                     Who believes in morning at midnight

                                                     Who can be the wind-bent reed

                                                     Who calls to the wind, bend me

                                                     Who can kiss their personal betrayer

                                                     Who has the courage to be that betrayer

                                                     Who thinks that Christ comes in clay

                                                     Who can remember their dreams at midday

                                                     Whose visions are stronger than disappointments

                                                     Whose disappointments strengthen their visions

                                                    Who will travail until the birth

                                                     Who can give birth without travail

                                                     Who runs out to greet themselves coming home

                                                     Who has the audacity to ring their own hand

                                                    You can and I will, because we believe.

                                                    - Titus Yoder from Montana, USA