You are Unique

This is the ever-present reminder from your spirit; especially during times when you feel discouraged: 

Know that you are enough. Where you are, is where you have already arrived. With every new page you turn, every new twist you turn, you are in an ever-changing arriving-mode. There is no where to go but where you are now.

Know also that you are a unique expression of the divine. You cannot do it like the others because you are unique and have your own unique way. Your job is to remove the obstacles - the roadblocks - that are in your way in becoming who you are, in allowing who you are to emerge. That's your job. And that job is done each time you remind yourself - I am enough. I am loved. I have arrived: here, now. In the reminding, you let go of the obstacles, like rocks being ground away into sand. In the reminding you break free of mental shackles that bulldoze your authenticity.

Remind yourself- you are unique, a gem, one and only, truly divine, truly loved, truly unique. 

Thank you.