Beyond redemption by Indrajit S. Saluja

My soul is so brutalized; it is beyond redemption,
Do whatever I may, it refuses to be humanized;
All my efforts since I understood the malady
Have not  helped me from being dehumanized.

Beyond me, beyond time, beyond limits of space
My agony grows ever more with the burden of sin
That has only grown weightier with each passing day
Flooring and standing over me with a champion’s grin.

I lie helpless defeated under the straddled feet
Of the sin that was, that is, and I am told will ever be;
No help comes from God above despite supplication;
I am a soul suffering now and here and will ever be.

-Indrajit S. Saluda, Long Island, New York, USA

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Prof. Indrajit S Saluja has been a college teacher of English language and literature in India. He is passionately devoted to journalism, his second love after literature, and is currently publisher and editor of The Indian Panorama which is one of the leading weekly newspapers in New York area. He writes with equal felicity  in three languages- Punjabi which is his mother tongue, Hindi, the national language of India, and English, the international language. He lives in Long Island, New York. He can be reached at