stand still in the middle of the forest

it will take you somewhere

as long as you take that path

but it goes nowhere

it stands still in the middle of the desert

you may find the footsteps

of those gone-by

but they have long disappeared

it twists into a melodious centrifuge

criss-crossing through the paddy fields

with sparrows and butterflies

relishing in their triumphs

it may tumble into a cliff

or bring you to a stream

dancing over the bulging boulders,

it can bring you to the foothills

point you to the mountain top

but will you follow its lead?



rustling beneath the crisp sunlight

they wait for their prey

like a silent serpent

will you dodge its hissing venom?



standing still

standing still

it may bring you to a highway

or bring you to a dead end

standing still

will you take a chance 

on this pathway?


-Sophia Ojha Ensslin