I Wandered Alone

I wandered alone

along the streams

voyeuring the existence

of natural wonders

color-coded for mystery

and threat...

lingering into a crescent

of abundance.


Vapors of singularity

tumble into the nexus of conscience


medullas of yearning forms

from inoculant birth of ideas


This mania overtakes me

my being, my composure


in this quest for better humanity

we stand and ponder

for who knows why –

this rampant revolution


of images- juxtaposes itself on me –

with no recourse





Sometimes voices submerge

all thought

all sounds are drowned

in the cacophony

of solitude

milling around an empty spot

illusions abound


They feel they have found the secret

but all there is to see

is an invisible vacuum


We take the journey of arduous twists

not seeing the signs

not sensing the instincts


I want to run in the fields of grass

-Sophia Ojha Ensslin