The Besieged Images

the besieged images of surreal consciousness

flood my sleep with nocturnal dramas of

florescent fantasies- epiphanies...

resulting into forces of mythological proportions

dancing away to the horizon.


what is the reality of the real if not attained by

the immense nostalgia of perpetual euphemisms?

the constant cacophony of morning birds

rages through the thick forests,

charring the wildfires of natural decadence.


the slow progression of muted beings result

into the multilingual zones of the crowded

beatings on the musical strings of unrequited love.


the illusion of senseless rationale gives away

to awareness on a different level of supranatural

cessation of earthly desires and greeds.


silence tiptoes into my skin,

wrangling my soul and

swirling into the unknown.