You Are Abundance

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A word about abundance.
I have spent way too much time looking for abundance in the external. You know, expecting to "earn" it from jobs that I used to do or from business projects that I have undertaken. I even thought that I had to be a certain way and act a certain way to be loved by friends and family. I have also, many a times, awaited eagerly for praise and approval for things I had done, again from the outside world. But thankfully, I am opening my eyes to the truth.

What I am grateful for is the understanding I have now that I have to do none of those things. I must be myself, even if others can't handle it. To be loved, all I need to do is: do nothing. No need to work to be loved because just like you, I was born lovable. I must praise and approve myself and not even think about getting it from the outside. As for abundance...

I am now more and more deeply understanding that "abundance" is within. Yes, you have probably heard this before too. And at first when I heard this, I thought, how sweet! Abundance is within. Yes, it is a nice thought. But is much much more than that.

It is the secret recipe to creating abundance that you can feel in you and experience in your life and in the life of others. What is the secret recipe? Well, first of all, it is not a secret. It is something every book of wisdom talks about, and that too quite overtly. What seems like a "secret recipe" is so common-place that we have to really be reminded about it...drawing attention to it by calling it a secret! But seriously, it is very simple. And please don't discount it only because of it being "simple". Simple is powerful and you know that.

So here it is, our not-so-secret recipe.

"Whatever you want from life, you must do for someone else." *

Not so secret, you see. The Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", is another facet of the above age-old wisdom.
How does one apply this wisdom to create abundance?


1. Know what abundance encapsulates

What does abundance mean to you? A million dollars? A great physical health? To be surrounded by family and friends? Successful career/business? A deep spiritual life? Of course, abundance is all of this and you can add a few of your own characteristics to this list. All of that in balance and harmony is abundance.

2. Identify what you want

So think for a moment. What exactly are you wanting to create for yourself or experience for yourself? More time with your kids? A sense of physical well-being? A happy and cordial workplace? Adventure and travel? Funds for your non-profit? A fulfilling restful night of sleep? A deep fulfilling romantic relationship? A sense of financial peace? An understanding of wisdom teachings? A skilled, expressive musical performance? And so on and on. Write down 1 to 3 things from this list or better yet, write down your unique list of that which you want to create and/or experience.

3. Now apply the ancient wisdom

For a consistent period of time that suits you (say 1 week, 21 days, 3 months), but every day, find a way to help another person get exactly that which you want. For instance, if you want more time with your kids, help another person have more time with their kids. Maybe a co-worker wants to spend time with their kids but has to do over-time. Take over for them. Or let's say you want to find a romantic partner for life. Help another person get ready for a date or find a romantic partner. Raising funds for your non-profit? Find another non-profit and give them money or help raise funds for them. You get the idea?

And...That's all.

There is a scientific, metaphysical, logical, spiritual and ancient explanation for how this works. For now, you gotta give it a try, if you are in for an experiment. Just do this. The side-effect is that you will help someone and set the stage for experiencing exactly that which you want. This does not work without people. So you will need to find people.

What I am finding out is that helping another one experience what you want to experience is a powerful way to create what you want for you. So go on and take that first step. Remember, it need not be a big action step. I am learning with you and taking my own first steps.

And finally, by doing this, we realize that what we want to experience, we are creating...from within.
You do not need to "earn" abundance. It is your birthright. You are abundance.

May you experience all that you desire in the highest good for all!
Peace and blessings,

* This quote is by Jey Rinpoche (1357-1419), Teacher of the First Dalai Lama.