Sun and Moon

Today, the moon is quasi full in shape,
hangs tall in the sky,
waiting to be called the messenger of love, it smiles with stories that he hides behind his silver back.
I bring kisses and tears all wrapped in one, for tomorrow the sun will come out of hiding under the sea and say, “hey, moon, stop playing silly games, just make them smile.” But the sun doesn’t understand that for every smile he brings, I have to carry the tears. So I open my arms and shower the rain that will soon disappear into the ocean that the sun lives in.
Today, the moon, quasi full in shape,
smiles of new tomorrows that the sun brings in his path,
When lives lived in fury wander away into the jungles of darkness,
Tomorrow, the longings transform into determination of another sort.
I will be stronger, and the moon will be brighter,
But today the quasi-full moon, stands tall in the sky, but he may soon disappear into the screen of darkness, the sky so full of stars, speaking of myths and passions and victories, all those stories, tomorrow there may be no moon, the night without the moon, ‘amavaasya’, moonless skies, no moon to tie a string around and sail across the earth, anywhere you want to go, You can go with the moon by your side. But what happens when the moon says good bye?
You wait for the sun. Like the birds that rise before the sun, I wake to start the day, full of surprises, of goals and ambitions, of retrospection and immersion into self, the other, the whole. Where do we go? What do we do when there is no sun, and there is no moon? Ask the people way north of the earth. Where do our birds go? Every night? There is another quasi full moon staring at you holding your stories, your secrets, your mysteries, your desires, tell the moon to give them to the right person, or not give them at all. Then the moon suddenly hides. Why? Is it the time that he needs to study your files in hiding?? Or is he talking to the other moon way on the other side of the universe? Yes, what does the moon do on that night between two fortnights when there is no moon visible in the sky? Does he make love to his secret lover? Or just shies away from humanity? Why doesn’t the sun hide like the moon? Does the sun have no lover?
No god? No flower? No magic? Does the sun think that he alone is all magic? What is the story of the sun? Can you tell me the story of the sun and the moon?

- Sophia Ojha Ensslin