You Can Do It!

Here is a question for you to reflect upon:

Is there something I want to begin but I am postponing it, getting more information on it or waiting until I am in the right mood to do it?

Whether it is conscious or not, for some of us, these tactics of putting off a project, a task or even our dreams are ways that continue to extend discomfort - and we may not even be aware of that. We may think that it is more comfortable to postpone something but in fact, we are increasing the amount of time we bear the burden of an unfinished project or a project not begun. Each day we do not take on that project or consciously decide to drop it, our precious psychic energy is siphoned out of us. Just take a moment to reflect on whether there is a project that is waiting for you to begin. Scan the various parts of your life. You will begin to notice what is screaming for your attention.

Indeed, not every idea that comes to us is to be implemented. Record the ideas in a tangible way (in a notebook or digitally) because recording them down sends the message that you are open to receiving good ideas. And then consciously choose which ones you will drop off the list. Now, you only need to pay attention to those ideas that have some meaning or value for you in the highest sense. These are the ones that are ready for action.

You will find that often just taking a tiny first step is enough to get you in the momentum. And then, once you have begun, keep up the momentum by taking at least one step daily towards that project or dream. Soon, you will look back and wonder what was keeping you from starting, in the first place! Once you begin, there is a sense of ease and flow that helps you along. As the famous quote says, a journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.

So, instead of looking at reasons why you have not begun, think of reasons why you want to begin. Instead of thinking of all the time you did not initiate it, think that we only have the present moment. And we can do something in this very moment. Because THIS is YOUR time to Shine. Let go of the need for more information. Let go of getting into right mood. Let go of any voices (internal or external) that are being mean or harsh to you. Help your dreams to manifest.

Just take the first step, even a small one. I know, You Can Do It.

Here's to new projects begun!

With Gratitude, Love and Blessings,