She Said She Would Escape

She said she would escape. She escapes the constraints of human mind & body. She runs away to a land of innocent beings who speak the language of miracles. She swims away to a place where the moon kneels down to pick up the universe of limitless possibilities.

Possibilities that bring joy to the soul. Freedom that will care of her rebirth. She becomes a spirit that transcends space and time. A gypsy wandering in the wild dimensions of purity and holiness that soothes the ailments of the soul. The journey of life and rebirth unblemished by the infiltration of human desires. The preservation of past that secures the fruits of futuristic roots. She longs to surpass desires blended with the power of will.

She breaks the entrapments that cage thinking. She moves towards the seas to fathom their depths. Challenging heights by the strength of vision.

She lives like a star spreading its essence.

- Sophia Ojha Ensslin