You're Enough by Cristof Ensslin

What we want and what we need
Mistaking a mansion for more than a shelter
When we guide ourselves by greed
Instead of love for life and the other

Darkness is the source of trust
Silence is the origin of calm
Space allows for understanding
When we love life and the other

Letting go of what we want
Lets us heal and flow
For broken as we all are
We're enough like the moon and its star

When we are and when we breathe
When we speak but not with words
When we listen not with our ears
We're enough like the moon and its star

-Cristof Ensslin. October 2nd, 2013.


Cristof Ensslin is the cellist and vocalist of the indie-folk rock band The Wilhelm Brothers based in Asheville, NC. Cristof loves to play the cello, to explore the beautiful mountains, and to spend time baking delicacies such as breads, cakes and other delights.