Contemplation to Cultivate Qualities

Meditation can also be a tool to cultivate certain qualities within us. If we want to be more receptive to love, or become more compassionate, forgive ourselves and others or build focus, we can use our time during meditation to do so. This is a unique way to allow the qualities of a certain kind to transmute into you by contemplating about them.

Let us say you want to reveal the compassionate quality in you. Then, contemplate on compassion. You can repeat the word "compassion". You may visualize the life and actions of compassionate people. Think about a certain individual who you think exhibits high levels of compassion. Imagine their compassionate qualities spreading into you. Stay with this for as long as you need to. And come back to this practice again and again.

At the end of each session, you will sense a greater feeling and presence of whatever it is that you were contemplating on.