What are your BIG FIVE for LIFE?

Have you heard people say that your writing your dreams and your desires down, helps in the manifesting of these in your life? Steven Covey has written in one of his book about a woman who made a scrapbook full of her dreams and desires. At places using found images from magazines, at other places writing detailed descriptions of what she wants her husband to be like, how she imagines her home and family to be like. And looking back at only a couple of years, she has seen all of this become real.

Well, earlier this year I read a book by John Strelecky called "Big Five for Life". It is a moving story with nuggets of wisdom and inspiration tucked within the plot of the book. One of the things I picked up is a simple exercise, in which you write down the Big Five for Life.

Here is what you do:
Brainstorm some of the things you love doing. Then, write down 5 things you absolutely want to do/be/have in your life. And then simply list these 5 things. Make it specific and clearly express it.
I did this activity earlier this year and one of my long-time desires came true. There is a really interesting story to how it all happened and I will share that with you soon. Right now, I do want to share that my desire was to touch a tiger baby. And within four months, this dream came true.
All I did was to write my five most important desires at the moment. Today, these 5 have slightly changed for me as I have become more aware of what I desire. And the fact that making an explicit request does make things happen, has been a revolutionary realization for me.