Have Positive Expectations

Expect the positive. Positive Expectation is one more nuance in our positive-thinking tool box. Essentially, it calls us to only expect the positive. It is slightly different than setting positive intentions. Positive intention-making entails clearly setting out what is desired, what do we want to manifest in our day or in our life.

Positive expectation varies from it because of the open-ended factor. It is not predefined and all perfectly delineated. We allow for an unplanned, unscheduled resolution or development of a situation, yet expecting clearly that what happens next will be in the highest good of all involved.

Remember that the positive intention-making and positive expectations are not replacement for action. Infact, they are predecessors to any action. Conscious action is important and necessary for change. But it cannot begin making an impact for good without positive intention and expectations to begin the process of change.

So give it a try and see how expecting the good, the better and the best is a real gift.