Provided From Within.

This week's postcard and quote sets the tone for the four postcards for the month of April which are all around the theme of self-love and abundance. As I am revamping and adding useful products up on the site, I am naturally focussed outwardly. This quote by Goethe, points out so eloquently that our abundance and our wealth is within us. Teachers of consciousness will very clearly demonstrate to us that our consciousness creates our outer world. In other words, our inner life is what determines our experience on the sensory, physical plane. No matter how many times I hear that, I am just amazed at that concept. My external, environment really is a result of how I am thinking, feeling and vibrating in my consciousness! It certainly is empowering because now I have complete "control" or let us say rather, responsibility to create my experiences. Powerful, don't you think?

I am reminded of an incident that just happened last week when I was visiting the post office to mail off some books. I wanted to give the Post Office Representative exact change which included three pennies in the total amount. As I handed him the pennies, I said: "3 lucky pennies for you!" To which he replied with some concern: "There goes your luck". I found myself smiling at him and saying: "The more I give, the more there is!" These words came so spontaneously, along with a sense of realization that there is always more and more and more created in our world of abundance. Besides, I have come to believe that we are all lucky. Everything is lucky. Each moment is lucky. We are swimming in a sea of Luckiness.

And all that abundance and luck is provided from within. It is within us, to begin with. It has become such a habit for us to look to the outside world for our happiness. We may look to circumstances, to people, to the weather, to the world around us and what we see is a sign of the state of affairs in our internal world, either individually or collectively as human civilization. Let us begin to provide ourselves with plentitude and follow Goethe's suggestion to look within.