Impossible until Done.

Do you see the tiny blossoms on this tree? They are gracefully emerging from a wintery slumber. Very soon, the tree will be full, alive and vibrant. Mother Nature does what may seem to us impossible, over and over again. She also shows us in her myriad ways that nothing is impossible. Create aerodynamic silent Owl wings so that mice don't scurry away? Done. Insect need protection from birds and needs to look like a stick? Done. Pouch for carrying Kangaroo young? Done. Web weaving skills for Spiders? Done. Underwater subsonic sound for Dolphin communication? Done. And on and on and on.

Anything and everything is possible in the natural world. We, humans may have distanced ourselves from the ways of Nature, yet we are intricately connected to her with deep loving bonds of wholeness.

If you and I want to deepen the connection and come back under her loving fold, all we need to do is to desire that and she will fully and completely embrace us again. And then, we would understand and know and feel that all that we want to create and give birth to is possible, feasible and even greatly desired. We are an extension of mother Nature and so are her creative children. Creating beauty, creating love, creating and connecting with our true selves and creating a world of compassion, joy and love...These are all beautiful ways of creating.

So let us reconsider what we think is impossible. Let us look to inspirational beings for guidance. Let us believe in ourselves, again.

Sophia Ojha