Musician Uses Visualizations To Get In Touch With Their Inner Tune.

Last week, I was invited by an Asheville based Musician to do a visualization mediation. The band wanted to start their music practices with a meditation. I was so pleased and honored to do so. I believe that visualizations are a great way to begin any creative project. It helps to calm down the mind that is raging with countless thoughts. One becomes relaxed and open to the voice that is wanting to be expressed. Really beautiful way to quiet down nervous energy, doubt and anxiety.

The band chose to sit on the floor for the meditation in a circle. This is wonderful to get grounded and closer to the Earth. A candle was lit and placed in the center of the circle. This helped to bring our attention to the center of the circle and symbolically to our own center. We conversed about visualization and I asked the band why they wanted to use the visualization which gave me insight and helped direct the visualization to suit specifically the band members.

I then led the group through a visualization meditation. We first began by focussing on the breath which is often an important starting point. Then I led the group through a series of visual journeys to get connected with their deeper self. The meditation lasted for about 20 minutes, after which everyone shared their experiences. I loved to hear the unique images and sensations that people experiences. It was a real honor to be able to hear about the visualization experience at the end of the meditation. 

The band was now refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to go for their practice. This was simply beautiful.