Building Peace with a Smile.

We all know and have felt the magical power of a smile. A genuine smile can pour straight into our hearts, breaking down all barriers- physical or emotional. Especially, when the heart is aching, a loving smile from a friend can heal all wounds. A smile is something we can do also with our eyes. When someone is smiling with their eyes, you know it when you see it.

Mother Teresa even says that in a smile is the beginning of peace. At first sight, this may appear to be a long shot. How can a single smile do something so "huge" as build peace? Yet, there it is. In our midst, smiles that represent the inner calm and joy that we experience. And with each smile, we are building the foundations of peace that can travel around the world unlimitedly and in an instant.

So let us practice smiling. How about smiling at our image in the mirror? This, in itself, can take us far. Smile from your heart, through your lips and your eyes and your thoughts and your actions. Shower the world around you with smiles and laughter. And share that beautiful smile of yours.