Online Community Comes Together To Heal Japan

Yesterday's Online Event Healing for Japan was simply moving.

People from around the globe participated to send their love and healing energies to Japan. The event brought together Bonnie Gold Bell and David Sun Todd of as well as Rod Krug of www.blogtv/People/didgerod. I joined in to moderate the event and to do a healing visualization of a healed Japan and a harmonious Earth.

The event was so beautiful. David and Bonnie gave us some insights into what the messages from our Mother Earth are and what do all the events that are unfolding right now, mean for us. David shared some deep messages that we was given which really resonated with everyone. Bonnie inspired us by sharing tools that we can use to get in touch with our inner self and maintain peace within us. 

After that part, I was delighted to take the Live audience through a guided visualization. This visualization was a visual journey, helping us to envision a healed Japan. We visualized how the nation of Japan and its people were completely healed and stronger than before. We went on to visualize a harmonious mother Earth with all the resident living in love and peace. 

We then listened to soul soothing music from Rod Krug. We played a lovely track from Rod's new CD Universal Dreaming. It was so beautiful and such a joy. It indeed helped us to go deeper into our visual journey and to send our healing love to Japan.

Then we opened up for questions to the live audience which David answered so eloquently and with such wisdom.

I really encourage you to listen to the show which lasts for an hour. You can go here to get the free replay: