Consistently Kind.

These words of the Dalai Lama bring a little smile on my face. Being kind as a way of life is a beautiful thought. To be kind to our own self is something we have to relearn at times. If we can come to understand and truly know within that all that we want to be is already within us, then bit by bit it becomes easier to be kind to ourselves. 

Recently, I was watching a documentary in which a physicist was talking about the structure and movement of the Universe. He was essentially talking about a unified theory that explains and even demonstrates how everything is one. If everything is one, then in someway all is within us. And if we acknowledge that, we realize that the divine and infinite, the abundant and the omniscient, is all within us. It is us. How then can we be anything but kind to ourselves! It becomes natural to ease into love, compassion and kindness. It seems with consistency, this process becomes easier and easier. 

There seems to me no end-goal or a final quantification of how kind or how much loving we are to be. The world of measurement simply dissolves. There is only love. There is only compassion. And as the Dalai Lama reminds us, it is always possible to be kind. 

So let us make one more act of kindness towards ourselves and do it as consistently as we can. It is with our self that it begins. And when this self is filled with our own love, then love naturally flows from us into everything and everyone.