Help Heal Japan.

So many of us have this desire and urge to do something for Japan in the wake of recent events. All over the world, people are feeling that they want to do more than donate. They want to feel connected and support the healing of Japan.

I am very happy to share with you one such event that will take place this Saturday!

Healing for Japan Live Online Event.
Saturday, March 19th.
4 pm Eastern. 3 pm Central. 2 pm Mountain. 1 pm Pacific.

Come and join this special free Live Online Event that brings together wonderful people who all want to contribute to the healing of Japan.

Healing for Japan is envisioned to be an event that brings people together for sending our love, support and healing energies to the people of Japan and Mother Earth as both are recovering from the recent earthquake and tsunami. It will not only help the people in Japan but also give you an opportunity to connect with all those who have a desire to help in some way. Our loving and healing intentions sent out unitedly with one focus can have tremendous positive effect and so this event will do just that.

You can join by dialing in, via skype or via a link to hear it online. You will get this information when you register for the event.

To register for this event and get the call details, click here:

Bonus: When you register for the call, we will send you a recording of the replay. So register even if you cannot make it live. You can listen in to a replay and still be able to send your healing intentions to Japan. 

I am so thrilled to share that amazing people have come together to create this event. During the Live Event, Bonnie and David creators of the Blessing the Time-Wave Project to help the world's shift through 2012, will talk about ways to connect deeply with Mother Earth and each other for the sake of blessing. Sophia guides us through a visualization to envision a healing of the people and restoration of harmony with nature. Rod will move us with Universal Vibrations, playing Native American flute and other healing instruments. Manuel sets the tone for all of us with the beautiful design for our event.

Register for this event and get the dial-in/webcast detals. Go here Now:

See you on Saturday.