Taking Steps in Faith.

Faith: a strong knowing without physical evidence. For the logical mind with its home in the left hemisphere of the brain, it is next to impossible to believe something that it does not see. This is one of the reasons why so many artists, entrepreneurs and visionaries are scoffed upon as they are starting out. People don't see the fruits of your creativity and passion yet, and so they hesitate in believing in you. They may even doubt, discourage, criticize or secretly laugh about your ideas and projects and endeavors. It is simply because they are used toseeing in order to believe. Although, it is in believing first, that we often see.

We all know about countless examples from history when a mind-blowing idea, a burning desire and a visionary dream is all that carried an individual from the alleys of anonymity to the halls of fame. Along the path were people lined up, laying not welcome mats or red carpets but a sequence of hurdles, doubt, even scorn and worse.

Yet, the individual did not budge from their dream. They kept going. They kept believing in their dream, even if they could not see the whole staircase. No, especially, because they could not see the whole staircase. All they knew was that the realization of their big dream is inevitable- one day, some way, some how the dream would become real.

Such was the knowing and determination of Dr. Martin Luther King. I take great encouragement from the story of his life and his dream. And as I walk along my own path, with a dream in my heart, I take my steps with the faith that everything is emerging and blossoming as it should. I invite you to join me in taking your steps in faith, especially if you do not see what turns your path will take and how you will reach the end of the staircase. Just take the steps in faith. Keep moving. Keep on moving.

Sophia Ojha