In each moment, we embody the spirit of the caterpillar as well as the butterfly. 

I believe that transformation is as much a personal choice as it is a natural way of change. Like a caterpillar that can transition into a cocoon, we have an innate ability to step into our own cocoon of transformation. As our conscious choices lead, inspire and nudge us along, it is up to us to pick up the inner desire for change and be the gentle stewards of our own metamorphosis. This choice is in our hands at all and any moment in time. Right this moment as you read these words, you can consciously with complete awareness choose on inhabiting a new aspect within yourself. An aspect that can give you wings, add grace to your movement, and bring joy to how you navigate this life.

This is an empowering embodiment of choice that can heal your mind, body and spirit. The tools, gadgets, and support are all available. The only question remains, do you want to actively access it? Without your explicit and clear desire for making the conscious choice, the grand change comes disguised. The trajectory of your path can tweaked or overhauled completely. We are all constantly transforming and changing within our body, anyways. Now, we can tap into that transformational force more deeply, consciously and with complete trust.

So consider the immense capacity you inhabit within yourself. A capacity that is bestowed upon you for you to harness and play with. And it has NO limits. So look within. Reflect on whether you want to consciously make the commitment toward the dream that you have embraced. If you are inspired to say yes, then silently commit to yourself that you are ready and willing. Then, become open to the hints and intuitive awareness of the action steps that emerge before you and move forward with complete trust in the process.

The environment will then, take care of itself, naturally.

With Love,

Sophia Ojha