Gardeners of our Blossoming Soul

The gardeners of my soul are plenty. My husband has been one and continues to be that caring gardener, tending to the soil that I grow in, removing the weeds and nourishing me with love and attention and admiration. My mom has been a gardener and is one, caring deeply for my well-being at all times. So is my dad, wanting to give me only the best of everything. And there are countless people along my path who have watered my soul when it was thirsty or sheltered me when the sun was too strong. People have come out of nowhere in the past few weeks, for example, to encourage and appreciate the words that I write. Emails from people with kindness and love have filled my heart up. There are those people in my life who inspire me with their thoughts and actions, who push the envelope for themselves and bring all of us further. Recently, I also interacted with wonderful healers who connected me with the depths of my being, bringing messages and healing to my soul.  


For many of us, the relationships with people in our lives are so important that we want so much for harmony and joy in how we relate to them. Indeed, there are wonderful people who have served and who are serving you consciously for your well-being. They are people who have said a kind word. Or given you a warm smile just when you needed it. They are people who have loved you even when there was disagreement and differences of opinion. There are people who have give you their ear for you to share it all. And then there are people who just make you feel happy when you are around them. How about a certain stranger who turned out to be good samaritan, giving you selflessly and anonymously. Can you think of a friend who admires you and just sees perfection in you? Or how about someone who goes out of their way to help you? These are the gardeners of our souls, bringing light and love into our lives. Who are these gardeners in your life? Send your thanks today.

There have been so many instances of benevolence and generosity of which I have been the grateful recipient. Just some months back in Cologne, Germany, we went to an Italian restaurant and after a delicious meal, we asked for Tiramisu. It was so popular that they ran out of it and requested us to come back again, which we did. We were delighted to get delicious piece of Tiramisu and as we asked for the check, the waiter shared that the Tiramisu was on the house as a thank you for coming back. Wow, that was so wonderful. We were smiling for hours. During those days, a Sushi restaurant would serve us an extra plate of sushi, just for no reason, repeatedly! Some weeks ago, as I picked up my friends from the Asheville airport, I excitedly shared with the attendant of the parking lot that my friends from the Big Apple are here. He said, for New York guests, the parking is on the house. Yes, he set a great, welcoming impression of the South to my city friends ;-). Not long ago, as I sampled the delights of the local farmer's market, the owner of one superb shop, offered me to take a cup of hot apple cider as I was heading out into the cold!

In the summer, when I was living in Nuremberg, Germany, I walked into the market admiring the beautiful fresh flowers. One florist looked at me and handed me a sunflower to take home, which I did happily. One day, I felt a strong urge to eat an Indian sweet called "gulab jamun" while I was living in Cologne. So, Cristof and I walked into an Indian restaurant during lunch hour and asked one question, "Do you have gulab jamun?" The gentleman serving us said yes and quickly brought two warm and absolutely delicious sweets. It was funny to go in during a busy lunch hour and order only the dessert. Yet they took it in stride and out of their hearts, and to our surprise, gave the sweets to us gratis! On the next two occasions when we dined there, the gentleman, brought the same sweet for us "on-the-house", just like that! Stories like that are just so sweet and in sharing them, I want to bring the sweetness to you also.

One summer, many years ago, my parents bought a new Mitsubishi Eclipse, back in my New Jersey days. The next day when parents were at work, to inaugurate the black beauty, the 18-year-old-me took it for a drive. About 15 minutes into the drive when we (me and the car) were on the Garden State Parkway, the car started to steam-up and began slowing down to a halt. I had no cell phone and no way to reach anyone, plus I was on the left-hand shoulder of a very busy highway. All I could do was to wait. In a matter of some minutes, a car zoomed past and came to a stop in front of where my car was parked. It was a good samaritan! He offered me help, lend me his cell phone and I called the AAA (automobile association in the United States) to help tow the car. Finally, me and Mitsubishi were rescued by a warm-hearted man who said that he would want some stranger to help out his daughters when in trouble too. I have no idea who this person is, or where he is now. It is over ten years later and I continue to send him my gratitude and love for his generosity.

Today, I wish to send a big, warm thank you to everyone out there. I appreciate all the generosity and uplifting of my spirit that you have gifted me. To you as the readers of this newsletter, I send a special thank you. Your kindness and your attention has helped me blossom over the last few months in the most amazing ways. My heart is filled with gratitude and love to you. I am blessed with the many gifts that I have received and I am blessed to pass it on, finding new opportunities to do so each day.

My love and warmth to you,

Sophia Ojha

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