Successful people take the liberty to make the commitment. -Cristof Ensslin

Last month, we quoted from Emerson who reminded us that once we take a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. This means we lay our firm belief that what we desire is going to manifest. With this foundation, we can move forward in taking action. Action is the lifeline of the universe. It keeps the momentum going and with momentum, tides turn. This week's quote reminds us that making a commitment is a matter of liberty which successful people take. In so many ways, there is much that comes from making the choice towards harmony and towards success.

I love the above quote from my beloved, Cristof Ensslin. When he first mentioned it, he was preparing for his first event that he lead which took place just a couple months ago, in November 2010. He conceived it and set out to do it and within a month, he had gotten the enthusiastic partners, wonderful locations and a crowd of people hungry to listen to what he has to say. He put this saying into action. He took the liberty to make the commitment to hold these events and he served the community in more ways than one.


It is indeed a matter of liberty to make commitments, even if it sounds counter-intuitive. How is it that it is our liberty? Everything is a choice. How you describe your life and your situation is a choice. You can choose what thoughts you have and which ones you want to change. You can easily point the finger at another complaining about how they have not met your expectations, but it is your choice to look at any situation favorably, in a way that favors greater harmony for all. That is a matter of commitment to living in higher vibration as well as a matter of your liberty. This is something each one of us is endowed with, so that we can stay afloat on the sometimes rough waves of this life. It is the liberty of choice, the liberty of desire and the liberty of dedication that is the prelude to making a commitment. You express your choice for love, for harmony, for abundance when you make such a commitment. And making a commitment is a clear sign to the people in your life and most importantly to yourself that you mean business. And this takes courage.

There are multitudes of people who continue to inspire me. People from the history books. Artists and thinkers, poets and philosophers, people of service and the unsung heroes who break their limits and inspire us all to do the same. I am very fortunate to have in my life, one such inspirational hero who by his example has helped transform me: Cristof Ensslin, the man who inspires every core of me, the one I love. He is a man who keeps his word, shows his commitment to harmony and love through all the things he does for his loved ones and for the people he serves, and he gives unconditionally of himself to both people and animals. Besides the doing of things, Cristof manifests in his being, the unending qualities of love, forgiveness and compassion, and thus sets a shining example for me and all whom he touches with his bright, glorious radiance.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Cristof!

-Sophia Ojha