Be Your Own Hero.

What would you do if you became your own hero?

Earlier this month, it was the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King and like every January, Dr. King's legacy was being remembered and celebrated across the United States and around the world. Dr. King is one of my personal favorite heroes of all time. I admire his courage, his integrity and most of all his BIG DREAM of a time when people are "judged by the merit of their character, not the color of their skin". 

Around the time we were remembering Dr. King, Kute Blackson wrote on his blog and asked this profound question: What would you do if you became your own hero?

This question struck me. Yes, we are constantly inspired by people who have done amazing things in various fields of life. The Einsteins, the Gandhis, the Mother Teresas. The leaders, the artists, the philosophers. The poets, the musicians, the dancers. The mystics and the yogis of wisdom. And so many more people in time infinity who have accessed the depths of their inner truths to transcend and transform both themselves and their world for generations to come. 

Yet, to ask who would I be if, instead of only looking at others, I looked at myself as my own inspirational hero, is thought-provoking. I often look at my younger self and admire the tenacity I have had to listen to my heart. Or the courage to change my country of residence three times in my life so far (and I know many more to come!). Deep down I know that creativity and vision are endowed to me in complete abundance. Yet, I have not even dared to come any where close to considering myself as my own hero.

What Kute is doing with this question is amazing. This question really pushes me in looking at things from a new perspective. It brings forth the idea that what we are looking in others is already within us and we too can become heroic in our every day lives. Marian, a friend of mine once said that what you admire in others is actually a characteristic within yourself. So, the heroic traits I see in my personal heroes also reside in me. And the same goes for each one of you. 


And to indulge in the question that is posed here, this is what emerges for me.

If I were my own hero, I would know always that my dreams can become a reality and that every second I am inching my way to its realization. If I were my own hero, I would trust in myself and in the Universe more. If I were my own hero, I would be at ease at all times, dreading no challenge and showing enthusiasm for all that happens. If I were my own hero, I would love myself more. I would forgive easily and remember no hurts. If I were my own hero, I would not be hurt by words spoken or actions not taken by others because I would know that each one of us is doing the best we can. I would know that there is no harm intended and all my challenges are my teachers in disguise. If I were my own hero, I would dare to speak my mind more openly. I would be comfortable in expressing myself, even to elders and to authority figures. I would know that no one threatens my individuality. If I were my own hero, I would be bold enough to take those steps, no matter how small. I would not put off things till tomorrow. If I were my own hero, I would be in the moment, enjoy my life and tap into the meditative silence of the Universe with deep resolve. If I were my own hero, I would be filled with happiness and serenity at all times and share that with everyone, bringing laughter and fun to countless others. If I were my own hero, I would not hesitate one moment to share my message with the world and know that there are people out there who love it.

Now, I need to do just do it! hero.

With love,

Sophia Ojha