Purpose Driven Accomplishment

In essence, for me this quote from James Allen means one thing: Align my mental attitude with the big vision or dream that I have for my life. Without this alignment, the accomplishments I am striving for is just not going to be or feel the same.

This is a great reminder for me. At times, I get into a flurry of activity- things that need to be done. In the doing of these things, I feel i am getting a lot accomplished. Yes, indeed things get done, projects get completed. Yet, I ask myself: Is this action in alignment with the big picture of my life? Is it a building block to the dream that I see myself living? Or is it a distraction that gives me transitory satisfaction of having "things done". This process is really useful to reduce my To-Do List down to the most essential. Then, I reflect on how I can move on to my thinking pattern. And here is the big assignment. How can I influence my thoughts so that I move positively? It all starts with my thoughts, at least that is what I believe. So how are my thoughts really helping me move in manifesting the life that I want to live, that is the question. Am I focusing on problems or solutions? Am I occupying myself with things in my zone of influence or beyond? And how fully am I feeding my spirit so that I can transform in the process?

This is of course easier said than done. How easy it is for us to complain, look at the drawbacks and look at how things are going wrong! Yes, we need to look at the "problems" in order to transform our world. True, we need to learn deeply about that which we want to influence. Yet, can we keep our focus on possibility thinking while we engage in all the problem-oriented activities? For me that is of essence. To keep focused on the positive and on the possibilities out there and to make this way of looking at things a habit. After all, our thoughts are all about habit. Nothing else. We can choose how and what we think, about ourselves, our life and our world.

Let us then, link our thoughts with our highest purpose, in order to create the change and create the beauty in our lives.

With love,
Sophia Ojha