The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Life gives you what you think about.

Take a look at the following statements. Do you ever think these?

Life is not easy.
Making money comes with struggle.
I will not live a long life.
No one really understands me.
Finding the love of my life is a matter of luck.
My efforts to make anything happen are useless.
People cannot be trusted.

Which one of the above statements have you made in your life? In essence these statements are thought patterns.


You may have thought these based on a single experience you had. Then when another situation came about where this statement could become real, you thought this statement again. Or you may have subliminally picked these thought patterns from people around you and adopted them to become part of your belief system. Your belief system is composed of all the thought patterns you have adopted, created and assimilated as you experienced life. Subsequently, life offered you more and more evidence of what yo were thinking. For example, if you thought people cannot be trusted, you started distrusting people. You were then placed in situations were you encountered people who acted in a way that your statement was confirmed.

Because life offers to you what you think about and what you focus on, it is so vital that we focus on things we really want. So, let us say that you do want to trust people, but in your life your wallet was stolen. Now, instead of focusing on this one event as evidence of distrustful people, shift your focus on all the people you know who are full of integrity. Think of the millions of occasions when your wallet was safe and sound. As you do that, you are placed more and more in situations where you experience the trustworthiness of people. You are more and more able to trust people and experience the beauty of human integrity.

Create Affirming Statements To Create Your Beliefs

Now see if you would rather choose these statements as part of your belief system:

Life is easy and fun.
Making money comes easily to me.
I live a long and healthy life.
I am loved and understood.
I find the love of my life in divine timing.
All my efforts to make things happen are blessedly fruitful.
People have a good heart and are full of integrity and I trust them.

Wow, what a fantastic change in energy that is! Just writing these statements fills me up with a lovely feeling.

So when you come up with a dream that you want to manifest, look at your belief system. Do you have belief statements that are not conducive to manifesting your dreams? Then, without judging yourself, work on releasing these beliefs. Write down these statements and do what I love to do: burn them! Then, begin creating a new belief system by thinking repeatedly new set of affirming thoughts.

Below you can see what these beliefs may look like and how you can replace them with new thoughts. These reflect the experience of

-someone who want to change jobs, or go for a new career.

-An entrepreneur who has taken the first few steps to following their dream but is faced with doubts and uncertainty.

-Someone who is yearning to create balance in her life while working and having a family.

-Or someone who is desiring to build greater financial abundance in their life.

For example:

My dream of a successful (insert your dream here) career in the arts seems so far away.
I can have a successful career in the arts starting right now.

It is hard to have (insert your dream here) a sold our rock concert/sold out products/job I like/love of my life/financial freedom/have peace on earth.
It is extremely easy to  sell-out my rock concert/make profit from my products/find the love of my life/ live in financial freedom/have peace on earth. 

My business (insert your dream here) does offer something valuable but people don't seem to need it.
My business makes a valuable contribution to the community and people are hungry to contribute financially for my products/services/projects/events.

I don't know enough about marketing (insert something you need to know for your dream to manifest).
All that I need to know comes to me easily and at the right time. 

Making my business (insert dream here) successful takes up a lot of time in the week, leaving none for my family, friends and other interests.
Making my business (insert dream here) successful helps me free up time for all the things I love to do and have complete balance in all aspects of my life. 

I wonder if I will enjoy this (your dream) in 10 years. 
Following my dream now will make it easy for me to always do what I enjoy.  

I know how it feels at times when you are just not sure about your life and are hit by waves of doubt and uncertainty. In such a situation, keeping a positive outlook seems next to impossible. Yet, that is exactly when we need to hold on even stronger to our beliefs that help us grow and make our dreams come true. This is the time when we need to keep moving towards our goals even when we do not know what path to take. We need to grab firmly to the strings of complete and unwavering faith in the universe and its benevolence and in our own infinite potential that lies within us. When your dream is to make a positive contribution to the people in your life and beyond, all of the universe comes to your aid. 

Here is an analogy of the kind of faith I am talking about.

How a Road Trip in Fog Taught me About Belief

I just made a 2 hours and 15 min road trip from Charlotte to Asheville yesterday. When I left Charlotte, I had my goal clear: Asheville. From previous knowledge, I knew that the city of Asheville exists and also knew that the US government had build fantastic network of roads to get there. So I headed onto Interstate 85 (South) towards Asheville then took the exit to 74 W. On 74 W, I was driving through lot of fog. I needed to reduce my speed and be extra alert as the visibility was low, only a few feet ahead of me. Also, it was pitch black with hardly any other cars for reference points along the road. What I did have helping me were the fog lights on my car and reflecting lane markers on the road. Along this road, I could not see my path all the way to Asheville. Certainly, did not see the entire road when I began back in Charlotte. I needed to begin taking steps based on my complete faith that I will arrive in Asheville on this path. Especially now when I had encountered some fog, I needed to keep moving. I could only move as far as I could see, a few feet at a time. And that is all I needed to make progress on my journey. It did not matter that I could not see the entire path. I just needed to watch out for the relevant signs, slow down when I needed to slow down, speed up when the sight was slightly clearer and constantly make progress. What would have happened if I parked on the side of the road and waited for the fog to disappear. I may not have gotten to Asheville at all that night. What would have happened if I just gave up and went back to Charlotte? Well, I would have to start all over again anyways, if going to Asheville was really important to me. 

When I was on the road yesterday, I realized this is what complete faith looks like. When you set out on a journey to achieve a goal, first we need to know clearly where we want to arrive, or what we want to create or achieve. With this clarity, we begin. We get into our car and start moving in the direction of our goal. So our body is our car and we begin to move it by taking an action towards our dream. Then we make progress, bit by bit. When an obstacle comes our way, such as fog that makes things uncertain or unclear for us, we keep moving in whatever pace feels right, but we keep moving. We rely on the help we have, the strengths of our body and mind, the faith of our spirit and we ask for road reflectors for guidance. The road reflectors are people who can guide us, point us our way. Road reflectors are also our intuition and our inner voice that tells us what the next step is. We work with all that and keep on moving. We may not know how our journey looks like. We may not know which exit to take. But we keep moving forward with all that we do know. We hold the belief in our dream, in our target strong and firm. Just like we trusted that the road exists all the way to Asheville, we trust that the road to our dream manifested exists all the way. All we need to do is keep moving and keep believing.

So, are you willing to believe? Then, let us do it. Let us believe as Eleanor Roosevelt inspires us in the beauty of our dreams. And let us keep moving.