Life is truly a boomerang. What you give, you get. -Dale Carnegie

As you sow, so shall you reap. What goes around comes around. What you give is what you get.

Can you recall a moment when you were standing at the edge of a cliff and called out in the distance. You heard an echo from far away coming back to you. Or even an empty hall where any sound you made would rebound on the walls and ceilings. Just a few months ago, I heard a dog barking relentlessly in our neighborhood. Instead of just a single bark, one could hear the exact same bark echoing twice into the distance. It seemed as if the dog was barking at himself/herself. This is how it feels at times when the energy you put out into the world seems to come back to you two-fold or three-fold in magnitude. Call it a boomerang. Or call it Karma.

So what are you putting out into the world? What kind of feelings, thoughts and actions are your offering? If you can be absolutely sure that what you give is what you get plus much more, how would you change your behavior and your actions? This is something we may not be mindful of when faced with situations that we perceive as difficult, or when thoughts that drain your energy are entertained.

I know for myself how easy it is to slip into the slippery slope of doubt and fear and impatience. It is a slippery slope that quickly spirals. And by the law of attraction, one negative thought quickly attracts another and another until I become aware and conscious of how I am feeling and revert back the process. Just last week was one such example. I realized that keeping a positive attitude is a matter of habit and an exercise that needs to be kept up on a daily basis, just like brushing teeth and eating three times a day and all the daily actions revolving around our physical well-being. Our mental and emotional well-being is equally, if not more, important if we want to build a healthy life of abundance.

So think of Australia. And imagine a beautiful boomerang that you flip into the distance. Amazing how it returns to you! The question is what is it that you want it to bring to you?

-Sophia Ojha