Intention for Today: Circle

Today I intend for Circle.

May we experience consciously the circular nature of life. May we appreciate the beauty of the cycle of life. May we be astounded by spirals. May the cyclic nature of circular movement amaze us. Let the circular loop of a hoola hoop circle around us. May the circular path of a falling leaf catch our attention.

May our circle of friends and family extend across the world. May we see the beauty of a globular structure. May the circular curve of the moon blow our minds. May we stand on the circumference to view the center and then switch places.

May a cylindrical shape remind us of a circle. May we see a circular pebble on our path. May we appreciate the non-beginning and the non-ending of a ring. May we see the circular plane of an amphitheater, planetarium, auditorium or a stadium and marvel at it. May the curves of the road inspire our admiration. May the child in us play with a ball. May the circle launch countless bubbles of imagination.

Thank you Circle for circling us in love.